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One orange a day or even more

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One orange a day, or even two. It is highly recommended to improve your immune system and help you get through the winter.

An orange every day in winter? And why not two oranges. There is definitely very little contraindication to the consumption of this citrus-sweet reservoir of vitamin C and therefore one of the boosters of your immune defenses.
With 70 mg of vitamin Cl orange is not the champion in vitamin C. Guava (199 mg), papaya (153 mg) do better. The kiwi is even. But orange is easy to find, easy to eat and you never get tired of it. Read The Ten Best Sources of Vitamin C

More than half of the recommended vitamin C intake

70 mg is more than half the daily dose recommended by nutritionists in France (110 g). Read The right dose of Vitamin C. But there seems to be no problem in taking more Vitamin C (so more oranges), with some experts advocating much higher intakes. One certainty: vitamin C is an excellent stimulant of our immune defenses (a nice asset in winter, with the resurgence of colds, viral attacks, flu). It activates our antibodies and makes our white blood cells more efficient.

Source of well-assimilated calcium

Orange is also a source of provitamins A and viamines B. But this fruit has several other advantages. It facilitates the absorption of iron. It is above all an excellent source of calcium: 40 mg of calcium per 100 g of fruit against 5 to 15 for other fruits. Due to its mineral and various organic acid profile, orange allows a very good assimilation of calcium. Some specialists recommend it to fight against decalcification and osteoporosis.

Despite its acidic image, this fruit is, on the contrary, an alkalizing food which counterbalances the aggressive effects of acidic foods such as meat. Finally, yet another quality, this fruit is a source of antioxidants (flavonoids, carotenoids, etc.) of which we know the importance against the phenomena of cell aging.

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