Green juices and their virtues

Juices concocted from certain leaves, fruits or green vegetables are an excellent way to eliminate toxins from the body. It is a concentrate of vitamins and minerals which invigorates daily while improving health in general. Nutritionists also advise this drink to balance the intake that the human body needs. Zoom on the method of preparation and the various benefits of green juices.

Prepare delicious green juices: which device to use?

To concoct a juice concentrated in vitamins, it will be necessary to equip itself with an adequate device . Thus, in order to obtain a drink as concentrated as it is tasty, the juicer and the juice extractor are the most recommended machines. In terms of naturopathy, the second device is the best choice, because it better preserves nutrients and vitamins. Indeed, the plants are not heated during the extraction, because the machine operates at 80 revolutions / minute, which is slow compared to the centrifuge; the latter being able to rotate up to 13,000 rpm and thus being able to oxidize the beverage.

In addition, you can also opt for a high-end mixer like the Vitamix. With this device, the fibers are effectively preserved after mixing. To help you find the best device, find a comparison between centrifuges, juice extractors and blenders on this page.

Once you’ve found the best device for your budget, buy the right ingredients. For vegetables, prefer:

  • Green cabbage,
  • Celery,
  • Parsley,
  • Cucumber,
  • Spinach,
  • Zucchini

To enhance the taste of your vitamin drink, you can add other flavors such as carrot or beetroot. For fruits, kiwi and lemon are sure values to prepare a green drink that is both desolating and rich in nutrients. It is also possible to combine fruits and vegetables to enhance their taste.

What do green juices bring?

These drinks detox are rich in nutrients trace elements and vitamins. They thus boost the immune system, blood circulation, the regulation of hormone levels and promote the elimination of fat in the body. Even bones benefit from their benefits thanks to the calcium they bring. The followers of the slimming regimes are also advantageous by the detoxifying character of these organic drinks since these latter compensate for the deficiencies engendered by weight loss.

Chlorophyll constitutes the main virtue green juices . Contrary to popular belief about its bitter taste, this component of leaves, fruits and green vegetables brings oxygen to the blood and cleanses the digestive system. Its smell also helps to mask bad breath. Furthermore, chlorophyll is also used to heal wounds thanks to its regenerative virtue. And there is nothing better to combat cellular aging. Oxygen being an essential element to make function all the organs of the human body, this element contributes precisely to their oxygenation. It is therefore found to be beneficial for heavy smokers suffering from respiratory discomfort.

Nettle is one of the most vitamin-packed leaves . In addition to its contributions and its chlorophyll, this plant turns out to be particularly rich in proteins. It especially helps people lose weight while preserving their muscle mass.

How do you consume green juice?

If you are afraid of consuming your vitamin concentrate, there are effective methods to better appreciate green juices:

  • Better to consume freshly squeezed green juices on an empty stomach. In this way, each body system assimilates more of its nutrients.
  • Enjoy your drink as much as possible to get used to its taste.
  • Swallow your green juice as soon as you want to snack. This is the best way to combat food cravings.
  • Finally, put your drink out of the light and in a cool place. Do not keep it for more than a day since its components can become oxidizing after a while.

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