The 6 mistakes that slow down your weight loss


Of course, to lose weight, you have to eat fewer calories than your body burns. When I was younger, it often made me skip meals to lose weight even faster. And I know many of us still do. We skip breakfast for example. The problem is that very often we are so hungry that our body pushes us to do anything afterwards like eating more for lunch or snacking to quell hunger. In the end, we suddenly eat more calories, not to mention that our body tends to store more fat to make reserves and avoid deprivation.


It will seem odd but when you are tired, the body needs more energy to last all day. And energy is calories! To hold on, the body therefore requires fast sugars to recharge the batteries. This is where you find yourself once again snacking on chocolate, candy, etc. In short, high-calorie foods that will make you fat without realizing it. If you have sleep problems, look for solutions that will help you, such as meditation, for example.


If you’re like me, you may be eating in front of the TV or with your phone in hand while being on Facebook or Instagram. So, we are not focused on our meal. So we don’t listen to the signals from our body telling us that we haven’t eaten enough and we consume more than we need. Or we’re frustrated because we don’t feel like we’ve eaten and we just want to have a little dessert to make up for it. Another one of the mistakes that make you fat without realizing it.


Of course, an aperitif is a festive moment and it’s made to enjoy it! But not only is alcohol very high in calories, especially if you drink cocktails or industrial juices. But in addition, we then tend to let go of the snacking that goes with it. Chips, peanuts and other high calorie snacks that your body will store in fat … Again, this can be a mistake that makes you gain weight without realizing it and easy to avoid. [


Speaking of liquid calories, let’s talk a little about fruit juices. Of course, the fruits are healthy and healthy. But they also contain fructose, and therefore sugar. If you want to avoid gaining weight, then you cannot eat it at will. But the real problem comes from the juices. When you make a super homemade smoothie, it usually contains several fruits and therefore the total calories and the amount of sugar will quickly increase. For a fruit for breakfast, in smoothie version, you would rather have 3 or 4 without even realizing it. But it’s still healthy! If you take the industrial juice version, there is no more fiber to aid digestion. But there are especially a lot of sugars added to give flavor… This is really the worst because you don’t even realize your error which makes you gain weight without realizing it.


At the restaurant, we neither control the quantities we eat nor the additions that increase calories. The dishes are often cooked in butter or cream for example. And even the salad you thought healthy contains your dose of oil for the whole week! And yes, the priority of the restaurateur is rarely the food balance but especially the taste! So if you eat in the restaurant every lunchtime at work for example, make the right choices to avoid gaining weight without realizing it. On the contrary, if you go there for your cheat meal, it’s time to indulge yourself, do not ask yourself the question and benefit.

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